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Concert: BASH

September 3rd


When clearing up the cell of a prisoner who has been sentenced to death and subsequently executed, a prison guard finds a small piece of paper with a combination of numbers on it.
On the spur of the moment, he puts it into his pocket.
As the guard lives a solitary, monotonous life, the numbers on the paper awake his curiosity. To find out their hidden meaning could add a new meaning to his life as well, so the guard stumbles into situations in which the number or part of it seem to achieve a certain importance and offer him hints and possible solutions. And the numbers signal a radical change in his luck.
This story by swiss artist Thomas Ott is adapted in an audio-visual live-performance by the swiss "The Quartet Of Bash".
Samuel Gfeller - Live Visuals
Lukas Roos - Clarinet
Florian Möbes - Guitar
Domi Chansorn - Drums


Thursday September 3rd
Door´s open at : 20h00
Concert at : 20H30
Door price: Pay what you want!