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November 3rd, 2014

HI5 – Minimal Jazz Chamber Music

Polyrhythmic chamber music, independent, dynamic, exciting and multifaceted – a guarantee for music moments of surprise: A quartet founded in 2012, HI5 has already become a highlight of the Tyrolean jazz scene.
Their c
ompositions focus on vibrant grooves, meditative acoustic patterns as well as hazardous improvisations. Complex structures meet memorable melodies, elements from minimal music encounter jazz and rock. Traditional references are to be found within the search for new sounds. At times, the tracks of this band consist of independent parts, and by telling an inspiring short story without words they all become one elaborate narration. With their second album ‘Tangled Simplicity’ the four Tyrolean guys prove the powerful impact of instrumental music.
The combination of versed technical knowledge and perfect mutual understanding among the four young musicians creates refreshing and amazing sound. Merging the main music parameters of melody, harmony and rhythm, the quartet catches your ears with lyric, at times stunning, enchanting or even hymnic tracks.The performance is incredibly dynamic.
What distinguishes their music is the smooth transition from relaxation to excitement, from complexity to simplicity.

Chris Norz – Drums/ Philipp Ossanna :: Guitar / Matthias Legner :: Vibraphone / Clemens Rofner :: Bass