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Narcisses Photo Expo

May 30th, 2014


I am Narcissistic!

Photo exhibition from May 30th to June 1 2014 at LoftA46 in Montreux.

The flowering of the Swiss Riviera’s protected wild daffodils, known as Narcissus, is a spectacular spring phenomena. Each year, from late April to early June, the white flowers bloom in their thousands on the slopes of the mountains that surround the Swiss town of Montreux. But these wild flowers are protected and cannot be picked.

Montreux’s Narcissus flowers will be featured in a photographic exhibition at LoftA46 in Montreux. Hundreds of signed photos of the flowering Narcissi, mounted in elegant white frames will be placed on the floor and walls of the gallery so that visitors can come and pick their own.

The idea of this art installation comes from Swiss photographer Alexandre Guidetti. Commissioned by Swiss nature publication, Animan Magazine, to produce a photo essay of this floral phenomenon for its April-May 2014 issue, Mr. Guidetti was left with hundreds of photos that could not appear in the article, so he came up with the idea of presenting his images in an original way – by putting them on sale at an exhibition.

“I was amazed by the beauty and abundance of the aromatic flowers blanketing the mountain fields above Montreux,» says Mr. Guidetti. «As these flowers are protected, it is frowned upon to pick and take them from the wild. So I thought, why not take photographs and offer visitors a chance to pick their photos at a gallery instead?”.

The exhibition will take place from Friday 30th May to Sunday 1st June LoftA46, 46 avenue des Alpes, Montreux.
Friday: 4-9pm Saturday: 11am-5pm Sunday: 11am-15pm (Pre-show, Saturday May 24th 11am-4pm)