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Neele & The Sound Voyage/Expo: Maria Gabriel

March 4th, 2015

Come enjoy acoustic  jazz  at the Loft A46 with Neele & The Sound Voyage on Wednesday, 4th of March.

Artist Maria Gabriel will be exposing as well on the 4th of March with a series of modern,landscapes,collage, abstract and contemporary art to take in while enjoying Neele & The Sound Voyage concert . The collection will also be on display for the weeks following, check out her link.

 Doors open at 19:00; Concert starts at 20:30.

Entrance fee: CHF 10.-



Neele & The Sound Voyage lead by singer and composer Neele Pfleiderer reflects many of the musical aspects and inspirations that are so famous about the jazz scene of Basel.The free spirit of instrumentation, arrangement and composition creates a dreamy, spherical but yet challenging sound that fits perfectly for either the band members as well as the circumstances in which they were created.The septet was founded in early 2012 by Neele Pfleiderer as part of her jazz studies. Since then the band has become much more than just a university project. They managed to stay together and steadily develop their sound and music.The special sound consists of clear musical structure, yet enough space for improvisation, as singer Neele always allows her music to break new ground and discover new, unheard fields.
Her warm and soulful voice stands out clearly while always supported by her complex yet simply receivable instrumentation of the septet. The emotionality of Neele’s voice is especially remarkable when she combines her singing with lyrical scat, telling the story of her songs. The goal of the band is to take their audience out of their day-to-day lives and touch them in away so they get inspired.The band wants to get in touch with the audience,encouraging them to not just listen but to get lost in imagination and be part of the sound voyage.
Neele Pfleiderer–voc
Reto Anneler–ts/ss/afl
Simon Girard-trb
Sebastian Strinning-bcl/barisax
Fabienne Ambuehl–pno
Roberto Koch–bass
Emanuel Kuenzi–dr

For a taste of Neele & The Sound Voyage  sounds, check out this link.