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Summer Session: ink, art, audio invasion

July 8-10

This summer we are proud to present a 3 day event full of live music, tattoos, art and more!To begin, we have invited Tami Hopf and DaniDan to present some wonderful illustrations and artwork many of which you will be able to get tattooed on you. These will be unique pieces and only 1 will exist in the world.On the music front we have organized that the house band aos° & bensnburner come back to funk up the summer vibe on July 9th with a big live set.To add to the spice we have invited a cool pianist by the name Jonathan Crayford (NZ), the sultry vocals of Mr. Ollie Finn (UK) and returning again to sweeten up our life's, Seilen (CH/USA).

If that wasnt enough we have invited a new female dj/rap trio by the name of Canis Majoris (DE) to heat up our first night on July 8th and a hot DJ set from Shady (CH) on July 10th!

If anyone would like to book a tattoo session during the day time or for any other inquiries please contact us on Facebook or by email admin@lofta46.com


Illustrations & art by:
Tami Hopf & Dani Dan

Tattoo Artists:
Norma Jean

July 8th
Canis Majoris (DE)

July 9th
aos° & bensnburner expirement
featuring Jonathan Crayford on piano (NZ), Ollie Finn on vocals (UK) & Seilen on vocals (CH/USA)

July 10th
DJ set by Shady

Expo/tattoo Doors open 14:00
Night Doors open 20:00

Show Price 10fr.- (at night)

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